The Story of Lucky Band

I am Aditya, living in Chandigarh. During the summer break of my daughter, I gifted her a loom band set from Devil Deals to keep her busy. It was great to see her busy making and learning new things with her recently bought gift that would often keep her busy.

One Sunday morning, my wife told me that my daughter waited for me in the evening. Due to work assignments I was busy working late in the evening otherwise I would have gifted her with this wonderful gift in the evening itself. Next day, she made a colorful band for me, and said this is the first band, which I have made especially for you, and it was a lucky band. I wore that band instantly to make her feel happy.

It was Monday and I was in a meeting with some international clients for some sales proposal. I forgot to remove that band which was gifted to me by my daughter. On many occasions that band was visible from the sleeve of my coat. I never realized that the band was still on my wrist. One of my lady clients was curious enough to ask me about that fancy & colorful band which I was wearing. She finally, asked me about that band and the reason why it was there. I was embarrassed at that point of time, but finally I told her about the band which I received as a gift from my daughter, and how she confirmed me that this band would be lucky for me.

I must say that all the nervousness, which I had during that meeting, was gone and all of us burst in to laughter, and the atmosphere suddenly got much lighter, and I must admit that the contract of that company was actually given to us.

And finally I could really sense that the band gifted to me by my angel was actually lucky, and this is the story of Lucky Band.

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