Bluto Dream Big Diary With Pen;Pencil;Fountain Pen;Highlighter;Table Watch Combo

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This Pack is Bluto Set nice and attractive Pack.

This Noteboook very Soft and and We Write Our Daily Routine.

In this Pack Portable Digital Watch, 3 Nice Pen and 1 Highlighter.


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Beautifully handcrafted thread bound notebook with pearl white paper . The cover is mindfully designed and is made with fine card stock from nature friendly papers. Pen down your thoughts;ideas and things to remember. Its slim look makes it user friendly as it fits anywhere conveniently! This fountain pen is crafted for the dapper individual seeking a fine writing instrument with a twist of understated-elegance. The dignified tool provides an uninterrupted flow of smudge-free;blue ink and features a plastic body. The pen is complemented with a fine grade;plastic;polished nib that aids in precision writing for a long period of time and comes with a convenient and simple cap on and off mechanism. The plastic Fountain Pen employs a piston-style converter and is fitted with a twin-channeled ink feed and collector system that guarantee smooth flow of ink for a longer duration. This is a set of stacking pencil. There are 10 pencil nibs in each Pencils;Kids can improve their hand writing with these pencils. A very different gift for kids. Highlighter that lasts longer with 30 percent more ink. Brighter marking due to super fluorescent ink. Refillable with Faber-Castell textliner ink. Use for paper;copy;fax. Battery operated digital LCD alarm clock made of durable plastic materials;the clock with LCD screen is easy to read. It has a stand leg on the back for convenient to put it on the table;or stick it in your car with double-adhesive sticker. This Automobile Clock is suitable for your travel;trip;outdoor anywhere to use.


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