Shivani Chaudhary

Pune | Engineer at Cummins India |


I recently bought an Intex Metal frame 18 FT Pool, using devil deals. Earlier, it was hard for me to decide whether to buy from Devil Deals as devil deals was something I never heard of. Also, 60,000/- was a huge amount for me to shell out.  But as this pool was only available at Devil Deals, I thought to give it a shot. I had several questions in my mind regarding the Intex Swimming Pool- How the item would be delivered?  How their packing would be? What if, my Item would be broken? What is the return policy? I still remember the long discussions with their customer service team before actually buying the item. Devil Deal’s customer service is great; they answered all my questions in the very best manner. They never put pressure on me to buy the item instantly, rather they were genuine enough to say, “Please take your time and clarify all the doubts as it the matter of an expensive item”.

After all said and done, finally the pool was delivered to my address on time, and I must appreciate the after sale support of Devil Deals as they assisted me completely in installing the Item,

Really glad with the service, thank you Devil Deals.