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Introducing our stunning Dolphin-shaped Street Light, a game-changer in outdoor lighting. Designed with a lens to scatter light over a wider area, this remarkable 200W Street Light illuminates your surroundings with unparalleled brightness and efficiency. With the model name SLNEW250, it offers exceptional power and performance.

Experience the power of 250W, delivering brilliant illumination to transform any outdoor space. The input voltage range of 90-265V ensures versatility and compatibility with various electrical systems, allowing for seamless integration into your lighting infrastructure.

Featuring high-quality 3030 1W LEDs, our Light provides exceptional clarity and efficiency. With 216 LEDs working in harmony, it generates an impressive 20000 lumens, ensuring optimal visibility and safety in any outdoor setting. Say goodbye to dark corners and enjoy a well-lit environment with our powerful Light.

Designed with precision, our Light boasts a sleek and compact size of 950 x 350 x 95, making it a versatile choice for various installations. Whether it's illuminating streets, parking lots, or other outdoor areas, our Street Light fits seamlessly into any landscape, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.

Installation is a breeze with a pole diameter of 60mm. Securely mount our Light on a compatible pole, ensuring stability and longevity. Embrace hassle-free installation and enjoy the benefits of superior lighting in no time.

Embrace the efficiency and reliability of our Dolphin-shaped Light. Its unique design, combined with the lens to scatter light, ensures a wider coverage area, maximizing illumination and minimizing dark spots. Experience enhanced safety and visibility with this innovative lighting solution.

Make a lasting impact with our high-performance 200W Light. Click "Add to Cart" now and witness the transformative power of brilliant illumination. Illuminate your outdoor spaces with confidence, knowing that our Street Light is designed to deliver exceptional brightness, efficiency, and durability.



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