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Portable Mini Fan With Solar

Portable Mini Fan With Solar

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Portable Mini Fan With Solar


Stay Cool with the Innovative Solar Fan

Diamond Cut Frame Design for Modern Elegance

Introducing our Solar Fan, featuring a sleek and stylish diamond cut frame design that adds a touch of sophistication to any space. The unique frame not only enhances the aesthetics but also ensures durability, making this fan a perfect blend of functionality and elegance. Experience the perfect combination of cooling comfort and contemporary design.

Folding Storage and Multi-Angle Air Supply

Experience the convenience of our Solar Fan's creative structure design, which allows for easy folding and storage. Whether you're on the go or simply need to save space, this fan effortlessly adapts to your needs. The multi-angle air supply feature provides customizable airflow, ensuring optimal cooling in any situation. Stay refreshed and comfortable with the versatility and practicality of our Solar Fan.

Easy Switching and Versatile Functionality

With just one click, switch freely between fan and lamp modes with our Solar Fan. The simple panel design allows for easy control, making it effortless to adjust the airflow or switch on the built-in LED night light panel. Whether you need a cool breeze or gentle illumination, this fan offers versatile functionality to enhance your comfort and convenience.

Powerful yet Quiet Performance

Experience the perfect balance of power and tranquility with our Solar Fan. Designed with four blades, this fan generates a refreshing breeze while operating quietly, creating a peaceful environment for studying, working, or sleeping. Stay cool and focused without the distraction of excessive noise. Our Solar Fan is your ideal companion for achieving optimal comfort throughout the day and night.

Stable and Silent Operation

Our Solar Fan is designed for stability and silence. The base is equipped with an anti-slip mute pad, featuring a soft rubber pad that not only prevents skidding but also provides silent cushioning. Enjoy a stable and secure fan that stays in place while delivering a gentle and soothing airflow. Experience the cooling comfort without any disturbance, thanks to the thoughtful design of our Solar Fan.

Long Battery Life and Solar Charging

Never worry about running out of power with our Solar Fan. It features a built-in 300mA lead-acid battery, offering a long battery life for uninterrupted cooling. The included USB charging cable allows for convenient charging while using the fan. With a filling time of approximately 3 hours, the fan mode lasts for about 3 hours, while the fan+desk lamp mode provides approximately 2.5 hours of usage. Harness the power of the sun with the 3-watt solar panel, ensuring sustainable and eco-friendly operation.

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