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Solar Bollard Lights 5W

Solar Bollard Lights 5W

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Solar Bollard Lights 5W

Section 1: Illuminating the Way

Introducing our Solar Bollard Lights 5W, featuring the efficient Model SOLAR-BOLLARD-05. These solar-powered bollard lights are designed to enhance safety and ambiance along your pathways. Let's explore their key features:

  • 5W LED Power: The 5W LED module delivers efficient and radiant illumination, ensuring your pathways are brilliantly lit.
  • High-Efficiency Solar Panel: With a 5W solar panel, it captures solar energy effectively, providing a reliable source of power.
  • Long-Lasting Battery: The 3.7V 4Ah battery ensures extended lighting hours, making your pathways well-illuminated during the evening.

Section 2: Efficient Charging and Extended Lighting

Our Solar Bollard Lights 5W offer a smart and efficient lighting experience:

  • Quick Charging: With a charging time of 6-8 hours, these lights are ready to illuminate your pathways without delay.
  • Extended Lighting Hours: Enjoy a remarkable 8-10 hours of continuous illumination, ensuring your pathways remain well-lit throughout the night.

Section 3: Stylish and Sturdy Design

These solar bollard lights come in a sleek design with dimensions of 200 x 637mm, making them an aesthetic addition to your outdoor spaces. Their durability ensures they withstand the elements.

Upgrade your pathway lighting to an eco-friendly, efficient, and stylish solution with Solar Bollard Lights 5W - Model SOLAR-BOLLARD-05. Illuminate your pathways with confidence and style, enhancing both safety and ambiance.

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