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Solar V-Shape Light 30W

Solar V-Shape Light 30W

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Solar V-Shape Light 30W

Illuminate Your Outdoors with the SL-AERO-INT-30 Solar V-Shape Light

Radiate Brilliance with 30W of LED Power

Introducing the SL-AERO-INT-30 Solar V-Shape Light, an exceptional outdoor lighting solution that combines style and functionality. With a powerful 30W LED and 800 EPISTAR 5730 LEDs, this solar light is designed to brilliantly illuminate your outdoor spaces. Say goodbye to dimly lit surroundings and welcome the radiance of this eco-friendly lighting option.

Key Features at a Glance:

  • 800 LED 5730 EPISTAR LEDs: Illuminate your surroundings with a multitude of 800 energy-efficient EPISTAR LEDs, providing a bright and even light source for all your outdoor needs.
  • 3.2V 30A LiFePo4 Battery: This high-capacity battery ensures an extended lighting time, allowing for reliable and continuous illumination.
  • 5V 30W Solar Panel: Harness the sun's energy efficiently with a powerful solar panel, ensuring quick and sustainable charging.

Swift Charging for Prolonged Brilliance

The SL-AERO-INT-30 Solar V-Shape Light offers a charging time of 7-8 hours, guaranteeing that your light is ready to shine brightly throughout the night. Whether you're hosting an outdoor event, enhancing your property's security, or simply enjoying a relaxing evening on the patio, this solar light is your dependable companion.

Cool White Illumination for a Modern Aesthetic

Enjoy the sophistication of cool white lighting that adds a contemporary and sleek look to your outdoor space. Whether it's your garden, pathway, or courtyard, this solar light enhances the aesthetics while providing efficient and bright lighting.

Compact and Stylish Design

With dimensions of 680x342x70 mm and a 45mm pole diameter, the SL-AERO-INT-30 Solar V-Shape Light is compact and easy to install. It seamlessly integrates into your outdoor landscape, offering both functionality and style.

Say farewell to high electricity bills and make the switch to eco-friendly, energy-efficient outdoor lighting with the SL-AERO-INT-30 Solar V-Shape Light. Illuminate your environment and bask in the glow of reliable, sustainable brilliance.

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