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Underground Floor / Waterproof Pool Burial Lights

Underground Floor / Waterproof Pool Burial Lights

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Underwater Elegance

Dive into a world of aquatic beauty with the BURIAL-12W Pool Burial Lights. These high-quality underwater lights are designed to transform your pool into a mesmerizing oasis. Whether it's a romantic evening dip or a lively pool party, these lights create the perfect ambiance. With 3030 12Pcs of LEDs and a wide range of color options, these lights can effortlessly set the mood you desire.

  • LED Pool Lighting
  • Submersible Pool Lights
  • Pool Ambiance Lighting
  • Underwater LED Lights
  • RGB Pool Lights

Energy-Efficient Brilliance

The BURIAL-12W pool lights combine stunning aesthetics with eco-friendly efficiency. Featuring a 12W power capacity, they are gentle on your energy bills while ensuring your pool stands out. These lights offer a remarkable beam angle of 30 degrees, spreading a vibrant glow across the water. The Warm White (WW) option creates a cozy atmosphere, while the RGB lights with remote control allow you to change colors effortlessly to suit any occasion.

  • Energy-Saving Pool Lights
  • Eco-Friendly Pool Lighting
  • 12W LED Pool Lights
  • Wide Beam Angle Lights
  • Color-Changing Pool Lights

Easy Installation, Endless Enjoyment

Installing the BURIAL-12W Pool Burial Lights is a breeze. With an outer size of 180x90mm and a cut size of 155mm, they fit seamlessly into your pool design. The no-fuss installation process ensures you can start enjoying the captivating underwater display in no time. These lights are built to last, with durability that promises long-term use and enjoyment.

  • Quick Installation
  • Durable Pool Lights
  • Long-Lasting LED Lights
  • Hassle-Free Pool Lighting
  • Transform Your Pool Instantly
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