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6 in 1 Soldering Iron Set

6 in 1 Soldering Iron Set

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Soldering iron utilizes 8 watts of power and reaches working temperature in a matter of few minutes. With this Soldering Iron; you can perform these simple, electrical tasks at your home today to fix various electronics including computers, or hobbies, crafts, workshop and general home use.

Feature 6 In1 Electric Soldering Iron Included A High Quality 25W Soldering Iron Along with A Combination of Other Essential Parts. For all electronic applications and household needs Allows You To Repair Pcb'S, Toys, Gadgets, Electronic Equipment's And Also Create Your Own Electronic Devices. SOFT GRIP SOLDERING IRON- 25W soldering iron with soft grip, co-moulded handle helps to handle the iron safely and a fast heating tip
A complete soldering kit for beginners , . Note-The soldering iron takes around 1 minute for heating up, oxidizes and turns black after heating up. Keep the soldering iron tip clean to get better results.
Durable elements but not for heavy industrial use
General purpose for all electronic applications and household needs
Soldering stand is of chrome plated and powder coated


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