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Dolphin Machine Bubble Gun Toys

Dolphin Machine Bubble Gun Toys

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CONTINUOUS BUBBLES: This bubble blower produces many bubbles and is leak resistant so you don’t have to worry about any messes! Hundreds of pearly bubbles float out of the gun to help your child create a bubble wonderland.

Please Note: One needs to put the bubble solution in the given cap and hold the gun toy firmly towards the cap, so that solution get stick and make bubbles properly".

GUN DESIGN: This gun style bubble blower appeals to all kids from ages 3 and up. To get this gun going you have to click the button on the top of the gun to activate its bubbles automatically. The motor give the bubbles a glaring effect and will enhance the visual experience for the children.

Safe and High-quality: The bubble gun is made of high-quality non-toxic ABS material, which is durable and has undergone rigorous contact testing to ensure the safety of children.

Easy to use: First, You Can Load 3 of AA Batteries into Bubble Gun; Secondly, Concoct Your Bubble Solution , then into The Empty Bottle, When You Need to Use It, You Can Dip The Gunpoint in Solution.

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