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Ekta Forensics Fingerprints Examination Kit

Ekta Forensics Fingerprints Examination Kit

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Children learn how to detect and identify miscreants with this fingerprint examination kit for kids. They find the suspects, record important clues Make detective out of your little one with the Ekta forensics fingerprints examination kit. It's a fun learning kit where your little detective can identify the suspect using interesting investigative tools. Police and investigators use this fingerprint examination kit where dust is used to find relevant clues. Kids can learn how to find the suspects and look for clues at the place of fictitious crime. Interesting ways of studying clues to find the culprit make this toy even more engaging. This is a print detective game that involves skills and is a great family entertainer and everybody gets together to find the culprit.

and study them to identify the culprit. Get ready to turn into a science sleuth as it's fun to locate hidden finger impressions almost anywhere in the house. Check for fingerprints on the door knobs, tables and glasses to trace movements. Fingerprints can be collected by dusting them using a special powder. Lift fingerprints with the help of clear stickers. One can create a finger print file card for friends and family with this fingerprint examination kit for 8 year olds.


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