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Foam Dart Blaster Shooting Game - USB-Powered

Foam Dart Blaster Shooting Game - USB-Powered

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Electric Suspension Ball Dart Target Toy Target Water Gun Shooting Target Electric Target (excluding battery), educational toy suspension target toy. It is different from ordinary hitting games. This product has AISHOT machine, which can make five target balls Stop in the air and hold the foam bullet gun. You can take turns to shoot in the air. There are different levels of airflow design. You can adjust it according to your needs. Includes USB power cable, which can be connected to power bank or computer. Can also install 4 AA batteries (not included).

In this Hover Shot Floating Target Game each person tries to hit the most targets, however these are not normal targets! Turn on the Hover Shot machine and 5 balls are suspended in mid-air by a current of wind!
Whoever hits the most targets first is the winner!
This Sci-fi space-themed shooter toy will keep the kids entertained for hours.
Shoot foam darts at the orbs with an awesome alien blaster
Load the orbs onto the Air Shot base and turn it on.
The five orbs loaded into the green tower will float in midair to create floating targets!
Load the dart into the blaster and pull back the slider.
Lock onto your target and Fire!!
Size:33 X 28 x 9.5cm
Weight : 1500 Gms
Gross Weight: 722g (1 x floating target base) Note: This only has the target Base without Soft Foam Darts and Orb Blaster, you need to purchase for it
Package Includes:
1 x floating target base
1x USB cable
Product type: Toy Pistols


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