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Mini Multi-Color Synthetic Leather Soccer Ball (15CM) (1 Piece)

Mini Multi-Color Synthetic Leather Soccer Ball (15CM) (1 Piece)

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DURABLE Balls: The inner bladder is made from industry standard butyl rubber which holds the air well and retains the shape of the ball. The exterior is machine-stitched, made of synthetic leather with greater softness, bounce, and durability.

OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE: The butyl bladder in the outdoor soccer ball keeps the internal air pressure stable and improves ball control. Smooth surface and fine sewing technique increase the stability and accuracy of the ball in flight and ensure correct accuracy and strong shots.

EXQUISITE WORKMANSHIP - The soccer training ball is exquisitely sewn by machine to offer a balanced, soft feel and the smooth outer texture improves grip and control that helps players develop their skills and build confidence in the ball.

FOR ALL KINDS OF WEATHER: This soccer ball is perfect for beginners and professional athletes. Built for high retention activity, this ball will not lose composition and will provide optimal coverage and surface handling in any weather.

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