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Rc Stunt 360° Remote Control Car, Multicolor

Rc Stunt 360° Remote Control Car, Multicolor

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EASY TO CARRY: The girls and boys RC car is light and small in size, so you can take it with you and play with your friends with ease

This remote control car is easy to flip, turn and perform all kinds of cool stunt action while moving forward, backward, turning To the left, turn to the right. Sound Support: No

HELPS IN SKILL DEVELOPMENT: It will also improve their hand combination eye, observation and sense of direction, in addition, they will breathe the fresh air outdoors, they will improve the sight

it is very Suitable for adults and children to play together. -Ideal for parents and children or friends to interact and exchange

5 AA Battery Required ( 3 For Stunt Car , 2 For remote)

A GREAT GIFT FOR CHILDREN: The remote control car has features such as ease of use, safety and durability

will help your youngsters develop their critical thinking skills in a practical way,

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